Three Signs You Are Going To Be Successful!

Three signs you are going to be successful

Here are three signs that you my friend are going to be very successful if you don't have them don't worry, I share with you how to cultivate each of you (you know I've got your back like that) 

Sign One

You have meticulous time management 

If you are part of my YouTube family, then you’ve heard me bang on about how important time management is. Check out my video on how to beat procrastination.

Time management is life management, you don’t have an option to be ‘bad at managing your time’ if you want to live a life of abundance and inspiration. If you study people such as Steve Jobs, Mayweather, Tony Robinson, Lebron James, Jim Rohn and many more you will notice that they attribute much of their success to their ability to plan and use their time wisely.

How to master effective time management:

  1. Plan your day the nigh before!! Be as precise as you can be, this will also motivate you to wake up earlier because you know that not doing so will have a domino effect on the rest of your plan.

  2. Set alarms on your phone (especially in the morning) to let you know when to move on to the next task. This may seem a bit ‘extra’ but trust me it will have you being instantly more disciplined with your time. Most people don’t care if they do something 10 minutes later than they planned to but then again most people aren’t that prosperous (That was indeed shade)

Sign Two

You read a lot 

How many of us know someone who ‘just doesn’t read?’ keep your hand up if you are that person…(oops)  Would you change that if I told you that...

At the start of his investing career Warren Buffet read 600-1,000 pages a day (if you don’t know he is a very very very rich man)

Bill Gates reads 50 books a year

Other successful people that read daily – Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Tai Lopez, Tony Robinson…I could really go on and on.

Reading books gives you more knowledge than time can sometimes afford – sure you could plan to be a millionaire and go through a process of trial and error to get there OR you could read one of the trillions of books on the topics and do it in a third of the time. The simple truth is successful people read  a lot weather they ‘like it or not’

How to build a good reading habit:

  1. Be intentional about what you read – when you are reading a topic that on a topic that is useful to you right now you are more likely to get through it. If you are a youtuber why not find a book on how to build your following. Aspiring entrepreneur? Pick up a book on that. Struggling with money management? Find a book in it.

  2. Have a specific goal for how many pages you want to read daily. This is much more effective that just deciding to ‘read more’

  3. Create a reading list of books that excite you – this will keep you motivated to get through the one you are on faster, so you can get on to the next one.

Sign Three

You actually believe that you will be successful

This is really the most important one of all three traits. Unless you believe and see yourself as a success it will never be your reality. The truth is success doesn’t take people by surprise – they knew they just would be and they worked accordingly. Why? Because you can never attract something into your reality that you have not yet perceived. Sure, the world’s most successful people may not have perceived the height of success they acquired but I can promise you they perceived a measure of it.

How do I know this? Because their actions tell me so. Obama ran for president because part of him believed he COULD.

In my experience, people seem to think that self-belief is something you either have or don’t but this really is not the case. It is something you cultivate like any other characteristics.

How you can cultivate self-belief:

  1. Visualise – take time every single day to picture what success looks like to you. What does it smell like? what does it look like? Who’s around you? Where are you? Let yourself go to that place and feel the emotion of this. By doing this you send out a vibration which the universe/your environment will soon enough match and you begin to actually believe it.

  2. Watch/listen to faith building and motivational messages on YouTube

  3. Pray more and get more in touch with your creator. This will instill a knowing inside you that if you do your part, God will do His to ensure you touch your destiny.


You are going to make it!


Mayfair x