How I attracted More Abundance Into My Life!

How I attracted More Abundance Into My Life!

wealth and ABUNDANCE.

The great lie we’ve been sold is that wealth is something you GET but the truth is; wealth is something that we ATTRACT and that is the art to abundant living. If you want abundance, then you must BE abundant.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not where I ultimately hope to be financially and I still sometimes find that I have more month at the end of my money, but after learning the 3 things I’m sharing with you today, I’ve been able to call in more money than I even thought was possible at various times in my life.

So without further ado…

I’m gonna share with you guys, the 3 things that have helped me and will help YOU, become a MONEY MAGNET.

  1. I started asking a different question.


Most people go around making most of their decisions based on the question: “Can I afford it?”

This is ultimately a disempowering question and completely out of alignment with abundance. The focus with abundance is on BEING. First you must be and then you may have.

The essence of abundance is ‘having more than enough’, the question “can I afford this?” just doesn’t fit into that, right.

So, let me suggest to you a new question that you can begin to ask to base your decisions around, one that is in alignment with abundance:


This is the embodiment of abundance, and remember that when you ARE abundant, you will begin to EXPERIENCE abundance, because you have become a magnet for it. It may take time and will require faith but keep asking this powerful question and it will come.

This doesn’t mean I am delusional or flippant with my money, It simply means I focus more on what I really want than how much is in my bank account and sure enough, the means come.

This is how I got a £4,000 coach.

It’s how I went to New York (the most expensive city in the world).

I dared to ask - “Do I want this?” not “Can I afford this?”

2. I started serving more.


When was the last time you served?

By serve, I mean when was the last time you used your gifts or talents to be a blessing to someone else? When was the last time you did something that you weren’t obliged to do but you did it anyway?

This could be anything from sharing an uplifting status to performing on stage as a musician. Service can be anything, but it’s characterised by an attitude of being a blessing in the world.

The biggest thing that changed my bank account balance was how much I served. Not from a place of trying to get but from a place of trying to give.

The relationship between service and abundance is not one that many people often make but it is clear. Money flows in the direction of those who serve most in the world – those who actively go into the world seeking to impact.

Look at Apple for example, one of the richest companies in the world – is it any accident that most people you know (and yourself) probably have an iphone? Or Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest women in the world – it’s hard to even begin to try to record the amount of people her life has touched whether through television or through her books and interviews.

So, here’s the key, if you only go about your life thinking about yourself as most people do, or perhaps your circle of concern extends to your family members or the homeless guy you see on the street once in a while then you are not embodying abundance. If you are not embodying abundant then you cannot EXPERIENCE abundance.

When I was struggling in New York, the thing that kept me alive was when I started focusing on serving through poetry.

Everyday I reach out to people and create content from a place of service.

Try starting each new day asking the question:


Then listen for the answer as you go about your day, honour the answer through your actions and watch that abundance doesn’t chase you down.

3. I started giving more.


Like I said, I have come to realise that wealth is not something we get, but something we attract. When you match the essence of abundance, it flows through to you naturally and effortlessly.

Whenever I realise that I am low on money and am tempted to feel scarce, I try and shift my focus back to giving. I ask myself, how I can meet a need of someone (even if it’s just a small thing like giving my sister the bigger slice of chocolate cake), It puts me back in the frequency of abundance.

The sad thing is that most people come from the perspective that if they had more, they would give more, not realising that if they would give more, they would have more


Remember that the essence of abundance is being in a state of, and in an awareness of the fact that you have more than enough.

The only way to really know this experientially is to actually give because it’s when you give that you communicate that you actually believe and know that you are abundant, that you have more than enough for your needs and the needs of others. When you do this, the universe has no choice but to meet you back with that same experience of who you know yourself to be – more and more money finds its way to you because you have made yourself a magnet for it by BEING abundant.

This is a law set in motion by God. This is why you don’t even have to be a believer to be rich, you just need to follow the laws of abundance - just as with the law of gravity.

In my programme we go really deep into breaking down your personal limiting beliefs around money and set things in motion to help you experience more abundance than ever!

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Yours in love and in service,


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