How you know your breakthrough is Close!

4 signs your it’s closer than you think!

Ever get that ‘I don’t know why but I just feel like my life is about to change’ feeling? You aren’t crazy girl, I see you - there really are telltale signs that you’re closer than you think to the breakthrough you’ve been holding out for.

sign 1:

You start to feel uncomfortable around people you used to hang with.


This can be a pretty unpleasant feeling, when you can no longer laugh or hang out with people you may have considered friends without feeling like a fish out of water.

This can manifest in different ways. Maybe it’s that you’re overly aware of how negatively they speak about life and others. Maybe you feel like you can’t be fully yourself without them thinking ‘you’ve changed’. Well the truth is you have changed.

Your mind always goes to the place of your breakthrough before you physically do. So whilst it’s not always comfortable - feeling a little lonely is a pretty good sign that your environment is about to change.

Your vibe attracts your tribe so focus on living your truth out loud and you will attract some amazing people really soon!
— bonus tip

Sign 2:

You switch from waiting to preparing.


This a really strong indicator that your breakthrough is close. Instead of waiting and being in a space of anxiety, you’re mindset has switched to one of preparing.

It’s like God has given you the sign that ‘it’s on it’s way’ there’s no more doubt in this place, anxiety has been replaced with steady anticipation.

You start to think about how you’ll be prepared for the breakthrough once it arrives (because it will). It could be little things like googling your name, cleaning up your social media, dressing differently, building your level of integrity. All of these things are signs that you’re in preparation mode, and the breakthrough is near!


I’ve put out the intention for a new laptop, since I’ve started editing videos, doing web design, running calls etc. on my laptop, I need something a bit more adapt. It’s only yesterday that my intuition prompted me to make sure my documents were all saved on an external hard drive. Preparation > Waiting. I know it’s close!

Sign 3:

strange “coincidences” keep happening.


It could be little things that if you told someone they would think you’re a little weird. For me this is usually me having a thought about an old friend and then moments later they text me. It could be something bigger, like multiple people telling you they ‘see something in you’.

These are not coincidences at all, but signs that you are in alignment! Instead of going against the flow of the magical life God dreamed for you, you are moving with it!

Sign 4:

You’ve surrendered!


This is probably the most intangible, but surest sign that your breakthrough is CLOSE!

This is the point when you’ve come to that awareness that you alone cannot bring this to pass, you know you will need the help of grace. Surrender is the acceptance of that.

You feel strangely calm. Maybe your circumstance is worlds apart from the dream you have in your heart but you just know that it will come to pass.

I hope those signs helped to ease you if you’ve been holding out for a breakthrough, it’s coming sis, keep holding out and trusting - I believe in you!

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any way I can support.

Yours in love and in service


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Ever get that 'I don't know why but I just feel like my life is about to change' feeling? Check this video out for signs that your breakthrough is closer than you think..



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