4 things everyone should do in their first year of business

4 things everyone should do in their first year of business

service based businesses

  1.  Systemise the way you take consultations.


As a new coach or service based business owner, your main priority should be generating leads and converting those leads into paying clients. In case you haven’t heard this term before; leads just means people who have expressed an interest in your services.

The most effective way to turn these leads into paying clients is to get on the phone with them. It’s important that you have an easy and reliable way of doing this.

I’ve found that in my business and for my clients, the simplest way to do this is by using an online booking system such as calendly or acuity. This saves you going back and forth trying to arrange a suitable time and makes it really easy for your potential client to get on the phone with you. Remember, if you don’t make it easy for people to work with you - they won’t (at least not in the beginning)

bonus tip: make sure you keep your CALENDAR updated to avoid double booking yourself.

2. Build a mailing list.


I know when you’re just starting out, this may seem like a big jump or an unnecessary step but trust me it’s not. Social media algorithms are constantly changing and depending on the platform, responses to calls to action tend to be underwhelming. With a mailing list you don’t have to worry about any algorithms, plus research has shown consistently that mailing lists convert MUCH higher than social media posts.

Start out by adding real value through these emails; don’t just send them blog post you’ve reworked. Really nurture your list and send them insights that truly impact their lives. This sets you up really well when you are launching something new.

I use Mailchimp. The free version works really well and is super easy to use.

3. Get a coach.


If you’ve already read some of my blog posts, you probably rolled your eyes at this one because I go on and on about this. Yes, I am biased because I’m a coach myself but I also started investing in coaching very early on in my business and I honestly believe this is a huge contributing factor to my success.

A good coach will save you time and money that you would have wasted if you spent your first year scrambling through the dark. It also gives you so much more confidence when you’re speaking to potential clients, knowing that you’ve invested in yourself. I mean think about how ludicrous it is expect people to invest in your expertise, when you don’t apply the same methodology.

4. Get A website


This tends to be one of the first things new entrepreneurs think about, but oddly it is the least important of the 4 things (if I were to prioritise them). I know plenty of people/coaches who are fully booked out without a website; a beautiful website alone certainly does not guarantee you clients.

Having said this; it does make your life much easier and allows you maximise on opportunities you would otherwise miss. When you are meeting people who don’t know a lot about you and what you do, a website is really good to have to be able to direct them to. When you’re networking for example it’s much easier to give a potential lead a snapshot of what you do and tell them to check out your website than bombarding them with tons of information.

Check out my post on 5 things you should include on your website to attract your dream clients.

If you do these four things, I’m sure you’ll be set up for massive success! Remember, stay committed - be in the long game and lead with service always.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any way I can support.

Yours in love and in service


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