How To Plan Your Next Project Without The Overwhelm

How To Plan Your Next Project Without The Overwhelm

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So as a creative entrepreneur we all know how important it is to keep innovating and bringing to life the dreams and ideas that have been placed on our hearts, but let’s be real…it can feel like a mountain. Whether it’s launching a podcast, creating an online programme, bringing out merchandise or otherwise…I’m going to show you step by step how you can plan any project, without overwhelm.


I recently started using trello to plan my projects and will be doing a specific tutorial on it as soon as I get the hang of it but you can follow these steps just as effectively using a notebook or Google Docs/Word.

step 1:

define the project.


Part of the reason we get overwhelmed is because we’re storing too much information in our brains; writing stuff down allows you to create space in your brain and always creates a more seamless execution process.

The starting point for planning any project is actually defining it and filling out the details of a perhaps vague idea. Here are the questions I ask myself (in this order) to make sure I’m clear on my project.

questions to define your project:

  1. What are the supporting trends surrounding my project/idea?

  2. How did my ‘story’ lead me to come up with this project idea?

  3. What’s the problem/need I specifically want to solve?

  4. What is my solution? (i.e. define your project)

These questions are great for helping you to think critically about your project and perhaps reveal where you may need to tweak your concept for maximum impact and ROI.


step 2:

define the major tasks.


So now you have a clear and defined idea about your project, it’s time to set out the major tasks. Thinking about the major tasks as opposed to the more specific tasks straight away is key to reducing overwhelm.

Take the example of launching an online course to create a passive stream of income as a creative entrepreneur; the major tasks may be broken down as followed:

  1. Decide on modules.

  2. Create worksheets for modules.

  3. Create video content for course.

  4. Marketing (pre-launch)

  5. Ongoing Marketing.

  6. Budgeting

  7. Goals and vision.


Step 3:

define the specific tasks.


The key to the seamless execution of even your most audacious projects, is specificity! A lot of people stop their plan at step 2, but once you have your major tasks set, you need to go in and write down the specific things that need to be done.

As a rule of thumb a task is specific enough if it takes no more than one ‘sit in’ to do.

Let’s continue with the example of creating an online course.

Major task:

Creating video content for course

Specific tasks:

  • Create outline for video 1

  • Create outline for video 2

  • Create outline for video 3

  • Record videos

  • Edit video 1

  • edit video 2

  • Edit video 3

I would also suggest deciding what you could outsource at this stage and incorporating that into your specific tasks (e.g. find a video editor on


Step 4:

the nitty gritty - schedule!


A top tip for project planning is to decide the completion date, only after you’ve done steps 1-3, that way you have an accurate idea of how long it might actually take you based on your current commitments. Of course, you can always outsource or look into hiring a VA to take care of some tasks and complete the project faster.

Once I have a completion date, I put deadlines on each of the major and specific tacks. I then put then slot times to complete the tasks in my google calendar and put reminders for these mini deadlines.

This final part is ESSENTIAL for avoiding procrastination and making sure you execute like a BOSS!

If you want to take things further and not only ensure you know how to plan your projects without overwhelm but that they actually make sense for your broader business aims, and receiver closer support then book a consultation with me and we can dive into this!


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