How to Run a Successful discovery call

How to Run a Successful discovery call

Sales 101

I used to HATE running discovery calls. Mainly because I was awful at them, but also because I had no idea how the hell I was supposed to run one. No one taught me. Finally I got tired of getting ‘No’s’ and being shit nervous on discovery or ‘sales’ calls and committed to mastering my technique.

The results were amazing - I couldn’t believe how much more confident I felt on calls, and more importantly how my success rate (ehem bank account) increased.

In todays post I’m sharing with you my top tips that will help you feel calm, collected and close more DREAM clients on your calls. Grab a journal and pen, we’re about to get juicy.


tip 1:

set out the agenda

After you’ve engaged with the person and created a light atmosphere (I.e. ask them how they are, how their day has been etc.) you want to get straight into explaining how the call will run.

This shows a respect for the persons time, immediately puts you in control, and helps your potential client feel like they are in capable hands.

let them know…

  • How long the call will last

  • Your aim (e.g. To find out more about where they’re at and if you’d be a good fit to work together)

  • That you will tell them about your programme/services

tip 2

get them to actually decide.

So if you’ve done any amount of discovery calls, you’ll know that if someone leaves the conversation saying “I’ll think about it”, It’s 99% of the time a no.

You then have the frustrating task of following up with someone who had already decide they weren’t going to work with you (for whatever reason) but didn’t have the heart to tell you on the phone.

The simplest way to avoid this scenario is to tell them that you want an answer on the phone. It doesn’t have to be in a pushy sleazy way, I usually just say something along the lines of:

“So I’m going to do the best I can to give you all the information I think you’ll need to make an informed decision, and I would just ask as a favour that you would let me know today what that decision is. I won’t be offended either way, I promise, but that way I can redirect you or answer any questions you have - is that cool?”

If for whatever reason the person fails to make a decision on the phone, schedule a follow up call or scratch them from your list, they likely weren’t your idea client anyway.

Want to get personalised support from me on how you can improve your sales technique and how to actually get potential clients on the phone?

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tip 3


I literally cannot overemphasise how important this tip is. The call should be 80% them talking.

This does two things to boost your close rate like crazyyyyy:


It makes them feel seen and as though you understand their problem. People feel understood not by how well you talk, but by how well you listen - it’s just human psychology, and people want to work with people who understand their problem.


It lets you pitch your service better. For people to decide to work with you, they don’t need to know EVERYTHING about what you do, only the parts that help them reach their goal. You can only determine what these parts are by being a great listener and asking questions.

A successful discovery call puts the spotlight on them, it’s not an opportunity for you to real out your bio.


Ultimately getting the clients you need to build the business of your dreams boils down to three things:

  1. Being able to actually get clients on the phone (lead generation)

  2. Being able to close clients on the phone (sales)

  3. Your mindset. If you have limiting beliefs around your worthiness of making money or otherwise, it will show and reflect.

I work with my clients on all 3 of things. If you are looking to be supported 1:1 to transform your business the you’re in the right place my friend.

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Yours in love and in service,

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