How To Do Less and Achieve More This Year

How To Achieve More And Do Less This Year

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No matter how much of a cynic you are or how dramatically you roll your eyes when you hear the dreaded words ‘New year, new me’

We can all admit that the the beginning of a new year comes with a feeling of excitement and newness that inspires us all to achieve perhaps just a little or maybe a lot more than we did the years before.

But with that, can quickly follow the not so magical feeling of...overwhelm.

You know you want to achieve more so surely, you have to DO MORE...right? But you already feel like there aren't enough hours in the day and you have a hundred and one ideas in your head that you want to execute on.

Well I have good news for you friend...

There is a way to do less and achieve more this year.

Here are my three not so secret tips I used to achieve more than I have in 2018...including publishing a book, starting my coaching business, running my first group coaching programme, traveling to New York...all whilst doing LESS.

  1.  Stick to 2 important tasks a day!


By important I mean tasks that actually shift the needle. If you’re reading this then chances are you’re the type of person who has an extra long to do list and...more often than not you don’t achieve all of the things on that list.

Sticking to two things encourages you to think about what is really important and leads you to becoming a much more efficient person.

Efficiency is the art of doing less and achieving more.

2. Rinse and Repeat


You ever have those times that feel like you’ve run a marathon, been hit by a bus and written a 6,000 word essay...all in one day. Yet you look back and you can’t even pinpoint exactly what you’ve achieved. That my friend is called overwhelm and is often the result of decision making fatigue.

We often spend more of our day thinking about what the most productive thing to do would be, than actually doing the most productive thing.

If you want to do less and achieve more then you need to work out a routine that works then rinse and repeat it.

Have a morning routine, an evening routine and a routine for anything else that needs to get done on a regular basis e.g. social media posting schedule.

3. Only Set Goals That Actually excite You!


The truth is, we often have a bunch of goals that we make at the beginning of the year for no other reason than that they sounds good!

Here’s my advice:

 Go through the list of goals you have for 2019 and ask yourself if it would genuinely excite you, grow you or light you up if you were to achieve that goal.

If the answer is no, then do yourself a favour and scrap it because chances are it will be a waste of you time and energy and you are unlikely to direct the right energy that is required to achieve it, and if you do it won’t mean much to you anyway.

Hone in on the goals you have left on your list, focus on those things and give your time to ONLY those goals.


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