How to overcome imposter syndrome

How to overcome imposter syndrome

3 steps to overcome feeling like a fraud

Surprisingly there isn’t a very comprehensive definition out there for ‘Imposter syndrome’ (not for what you likely mean when you hear/use this term anyway) but in case you aren’t familiar with the term - here’s how webster describes it.

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Basically it’s that feeling of being a fraud, like you aren’t ‘qualified’ or worthy of doing what you’re doing. It usually comes up when you are stepping into something new or when you transition from turning your hobby into a business.

Yeah, you probably just had that ‘ohhhh yeahhh, i’ve definitely felt that’ moment when reading that, or maybe you’re feeling it right now. If so, you are in good hands because I’m going to break down

3 steps to overcoming imposter syndrome


Imposter syndrome has become a term that’s been thrown around a lot, especially in the entrepreneurial space, and whilst many people do face it (yup, me too) the root of it is usually different for everyone. If you really want to overcome you have to ask yourself where the feeling is actually coming from; this allows you to deal with it more efficiently.

For example when I first started as a life coach, I was 20 years old (it was only a year ago, but run with me lol). Everyone I knew who was doing it was at least 10 years older than me, I was filled with the thoughts like ‘“Why would anyone take life advice from a 20 year old?”, “I haven’t been through enough stages of life to properly help someone older than me”. You get the picture.

I realised for me, the root causes of me feeling like a fraud or an imposter were the limiting beliefs I had around my age. When I realised this I was able to take a more direct approach to tackling it.

Start by being really honest with yourself and asking why you don’t feel qualified to be doing what you’re stepping into.

2. create affirmations to counter your limiting beliefs.

This tip goes hand in hand with the first one. The root cause of why you feel like an imposter reveals your personal limiting beliefs.

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The thing that most people confuse about limiting beliefs is that they are often rooted in truth. It’s the conclusions we come to about what is factual that forms the limiting belief.

Let’s continue with my example of starting coaching at 20:


As far as statistics go, 20 is younger than most life-coaches. Yes, this is likely to mean I have had less life experience than a 42 year old for example.

limiting belief

“20 is too young to be a coach and nobody will want to pay me to coach them.”

Can you see the jump?

That’s how limiting beliefs are formed.

The best way to overcome them is by creating affirmations that directly counter the limiting belief. Write them on your wall, repeat them daily. This creates a new belief and changes your reality. When I changed my limiting beliefs around my age and realised that the less I allowed my age to limit me, the more confidence I had, the more clients I attracted and the more money I made. (Don’t pretend like you don’t want that moneyy honeyy - you’re in business right?)

In fact one of my first clients was another lifecoach, who was much older than I was.

With my clients, we get to the core of their limiting beliefs and I provide them with personalised exercises to smash through them and start attracting real success in their life and business.

3. do the work.

I know this sounds overly simple, but you would be surprised how many people scream that they are suffering from imposter syndrome but aren’t working on their craft. If you’re one of them, I forgive you sis; BUTTTT Of course you’re gonna feel like a fraud when you’re only working ‘here and there’


I’m not saying you have to dedicate 8 hours a day, but what I am saying is:

you can do all of the affirmations you want, write them on your forehead if you like, but NOTHING will give you more confidence than taking consistent action.

Just do a little bit everyday and watch how imposter syndrome starts to diminish. The best way to feel like the real deal, is to work on becoming the real deal!

That’s all from me for today!

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Yours in love and in service

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