things I wish I knew when i started my coaching business

things I wish I knew when i started my coaching business


So this week I was reflecting on just how different my mentality is now to when I started my career as a coach almost 14 months ago.  I don’t pretend that that’s a very long time in the grand scheme of things, but what I do know is that when you’ve stepped into your calling (I.e. doing the work you really feel you were made for) you learn FAST, because you have to. 

So in today’s post I wanted to share with you some of the lessons I wish I knew when I started my career as a life coach, but before I do that I thought it would be helpful to share a bit about how I even got to be a coach at the grand old age of 20.

The day launched my website - one of my closest friends Elyza!

The day launched my website - one of my closest friends Elyza!


where it all began

I’m gonna give you the condensed version (I like to keep my blog posts to a short read) but if you want the juicy details about my story. It’s all here. I’ve gatchuuu you like that.

So, pretty much since secondary school (about age 12) I’ve been super fascinated with success.

I loved looking into why it was that certain people achieved 10x what so many others even dreamed of. What was it that made Oprah who she was, Will Smith who he was, Tony Robbins the man we love? 

I pretty much became obsessed with reading about these people and their habits.

Whilst most other girls got into makeup and hair videos on YouTube,  I got further into the world of personal development.

I loved it and would try out the things that I was learning in my own life and share it with those around me whenever I got the chance to (even if it was just Facebook statuses) 

A status from 2014.

A status from 2014.

Anyway, the thought never occurred to me that I could possibly make a career out of this, so I went on to study for a law degree at a top university. Law was something that I was intrigued by and of course my African parents encouraged it, but it never really felt fully like me.

University was super tough for me for a whole bunch of reason I won’t get into here (I share my full story in my book) . Anyway one day, I’m having a normal conversation with my housemate. Just offering her advice; nothing unusual. She then casually asks me to be her life coach (almost jokingly I think). I’d heard the term before but didn’t really know what it was about so I decided to research it out of pure curiosity. 

After just 10 minutes of looking at what this career was all about, I know I had ‘accidentally’ stumbled on my calling. It was everything I loved and felt came naturally to me, and turns out so many of the people I admired and watched on YouTube were coaches too (I just didn’t realise it). 

From this point on I pretty much became obsessed about coaching and helping other people to win in life. I called a few people around me almost immediately and convinced them to let me try out my newly discovered passion on them, a few months later I got my own coach and launched my website and business officially. I was studying for my degree, waking up early to read books and catch up on my coaching modules, staying up late to prepare sessions for the clients I was coaching for free, working a retail job on weekends and braiding hair so I could afford my coach.

I knew I couldn’t keep sustaining this and my love for coaching was burning a bigger fire within me everyday. So, I decided to take some time out of law school (who knows if i’ll go back) I packed up my life and moved to New York for 3 months and have been helping people to create their dream lives and businesses since.


WOWWW, I wish the process felt as short and sweet as that looks written down, but it really wasn’t.

So let’s get into what I wish I knew when I started my career…

It can all basically be summed up in one line, which I will break down:

Play the long game.

When I started, I naively thought that everything would just click into place. Surely that’s what’s supposed to happen when you find the great thing we’re all looking for - purpose, right?


This is just the beginning.

I wish someone told me that as exciting and wonderful as it was that I had found the thing that made my heart leap out of its chest; there is a time gap between conception and birth. It takes time to really begin to see the fruits of your work.

I wish someone told me not to focus on getting the next client, but instead to focus on building a strong foundation.

That if I just fixed my eyes on consistently pouring myself out, leading with service even when it felt like it went unnoticed. Even when only a few people responded to my stories, read my blog posts, tuned into my live videos or read the free resources I created, it was okay. That this was a part of the process.

I wish someone told me that you cannot predict how long it takes for a seed to bear fruits but that it always would. There are people who I had conversations with 5 months ago and have randomly sent me a message saying “I’m ready”, clients I now have from podcast interviews I did months ago, people who have watched my instagram stories for months ago without any engagement who have just booked consultations with me.

I wish someone told me that it is more important to build a brand and a reputation of excellence, of taking on people’s dreams as if they were your own, of going the extra mile than it was to make a dollar.

I wish someone told me that I didn’t have anything to prove to anyone.

That as long as I played the long game and led with service, things would come together.

I could go on forever, because like I said - being in your purpose will hurl lessons at you at the speed of light, but I’ll leave the rest for another time and if you’re just starting out, relax. The clients will come, just focus on service.

Like I said, I will be blogging everyday in March so if you have something you want me to cover, don’t hesitate to contact me (

P.s. I am taking consultations for 1:1 clients on my ‘Make It Happen Programme’. You can find more details and book a complimentary discovery call with me here.

Yours in love and in service,

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