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I know this title sounds like click-bait and you’re probably thinking “yeah right Mayfair” but my habit really did change my life. I would even go a step further and say that at points, this habit saved my life.

For you to really get this, I’m gonna have to take you back just a little bit.

So 6 months ago I made the crazy, but exciting decision to put my law degree on pause, pack up and go to New York City for 3 months. This was just days after my 21st birthday and after the release of my debut book ‘The Becoming’ (I don’t know who told me it was a good idea to turn 21, launch a book and travel to one of the biggest cities in the world in ONE WEEK but whatever).

I had no real plan if I’m honest, I just knew I had to go. I didn’t know what exactly to expect but I figured it being ‘The City of Dreams’ it would be a promise land kind of experience. Something big was bound to happen right? I was basically ready to come back to England a super-star LOOOOL.


Umm so God had other ideas…

New York turned out to be struggle ville.

Don’t get me wrong, I met some amazing people and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything but it was tough.

I got sick numerous times, at my worst I woke up with my eyes completely swollen and had to go to the hospital. Without going into too many graphic details I also contracted a skin infection which was so uncomfortable that at times I couldn’t sleep and it caused scarring across my body that I am still seeing doctors to get cleared now.

This also had an affect on my confidence, and as a result my mental health, I literally spent days just crying in bed.

On top of this, my card got blocked meaning I couldn’t make any money from coaching and beyond this, you don’t realise how inconvenient it is to not have access to a bank account until you don’t have one.

So basically I was broke as a joke, sick and sad.


At this point you’re probably waiting to hear when this magic habit kicks in.

Patience young grasshopper.

I’m about to land.

One faithful day I came across a book that a friend I met in New York recommended to me a week or so later. Well to be honest, he didn’t recommend it to me, I saw it lying around his place and after reading a few pages I knew I had to get myself a copy.

This book was called ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne.

It basically spoke about how you could change your situation through the power of gratitude.

I was too desperate not to try it.

I started practicing gratitude everyday. Even when I had $6 in my pocket and not enough money to buy the cream I needed to keep my skin infection at bay.

I would focus on being grateful for what I did have.

The fact that my rent was paid and I had a roof over my head.

The clothes on my back.

The health that I did have.

The fact that I could walk.

The fact that I was living in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

When I felt lonely, I would focus on the amazing relationships I did have.

I would watch videos on youtube about gratitude.

I would say thank you out loud each time I remembered to.

I did all of the gratitude exercises in the book - religiously.

I can’t over-emphasise enough how this literally changed my life and continues to do so now

My health started steadily improving and God would provide little opportunities to remind me how much health I did have.

I remember one evening, I was coming back from the local deli and an elderly woman stopped me and asked me to help her get up the stairs to her home. She was in excruciating pain as she moved up each of the 5 steps to her porch; as in visible, audible pain.

I got home and literally burst into tears at how blessed I was to be able to walk without even thinking about it.

I would go to poetry shows with literally just enough for the subway ride and literally say ‘Thank you’ the whole way there until I felt totally abundant. People who didn’t even know me, spent their hard-earned cash to buy the story of some unknown girl with a funny accent. Little did they know this is what allowed me to eat.

My housemate had his artwork hung-up in his house and I thought it was beautiful and that more people should get to see it. He asked me to make him a website for it.

He paid me cash. $100 more than I asked for and sent me MORE because he loved it so much.

I met the most amazing and loving group of people through poetry; people I now considered to be friends for life.

I could go on and on and on and on.

My point?

The habit of practicing gratitude changed my life.

Not once in a while.

Not here and there.



Try it. It might change your life.

Yours in love and in service,

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