5 Keys to Getting More Clients

5 Keys to Getting More Clients

service based businesses.

I know first hand how frustrating it can be when you’ve worked hard on your service/package and all you want to do is spend your time actually helping the people you created it for.

Instead getting clients feels like drawing blood from a stone.

I get it.

But, I also know that there’s just a few keys that can change this.

In todays post I’m sharing exactly that with you.

5 keys to getting more clients

  1. make it really easy for people to work with you.


If you haven’t figured it out by now; we live in a very fast and lazy generation.

If you don’t make it abundantly clear how people can work with you, and make the process stupidly straightforward, they won’t. It’s as simple as that.

A lot of service based businesses make the mistake of thinking that simply talking about their business on social media is enough. If you’re serious about getting more clients you need to take it further.

You need to communicate:

  1. What you do (e.g. coaching)

  2. How you do it (e.g. a 3 month 1:1 programme)

  3. How people can work with you (book a discovery call)


2. use video more.

You should already know by now that video is fast becoming the most effective way to market, and if you haven’t then now you have.

If you own a service based business, the thing that will make people buy from YOU as opposed to someone else (or not at all) is the fact that they know you, like you and trust you

The easiest way you can build '“know, like and trust” is video.

You probably get a feel for what I’m like from my blog but if you really want to see if we connect you would have to see me actually talking. This doesn’t have to be a full blown youtube video, I’ve found that instagram stories have worked really well for me.

Look. People rarely make objective decisions when they buy services. If you had two personal trainers that were both equally qualified and were in shape, you would likely buy from the one you felt you had better banter/connection with right?

Hop on the video wave or stay struggling.


3. Up your mindset work.

Your business cannot and will not grow past the level your mindset allows you to, period.

A lot of entrepreneurs think they know this, but let’s be real, how many of us when we get into a panic about needing more clients come up with an elaborate strategy that doesn’t incorporate mindset work at all?


Take it from someone who knows what it’s like to try and run a business scrimping on mindset work AND someone who now incorporates it daily, the later is FARRRRRRR better.

You have to first do the work to believe you deserve and can attract incredible, high paying clients for them to come. Without this, your efforts are wasted.

Here’s a few mindset techniques I use with myself and my clients to ensure success:

  1. Affirmations

  2. Visualisation

  3. Scripting

If you’re serious about priming your mindset for success and transforming your business through both the practical AND mindset work, I’m taking applications for 1:1 clients to work on exactly that.

4. shoot your shot!!!


Build it and the people will come right?


Build it.

Tell them about it.

Tell them about it again.

Then the people will come.

Seriously, if there’s someone who you know would be an idea client for you, don’t be afraid to reach out to them and TELL them. If you do this in a genuine way it can actually feel pretty great and build a great base for a strong lead.

A lot of people don’t do this because they’re afraid of coming across as pushy, but think about it; how would you feel if someone sent you a personal message along the lines of:

“Hey, I just wanted to say, I love what you’re up to in the world. I have a new programme especially for ______ doing _____ coming out and I would LOVE to have you involved. Here’s a link with more info - if you you’re interested shoot me a message”

You’d likely feel seen and appreciate the fact that they thought of you right?

5. have clear targets.


The most fundamental rule in business is to have clear targets. This directs everything you do and ultimately your success.

I am constantly surprised by how many people I talk to who know they ‘want more clients’ yet when I ask them how many, they have no idea or pull a random, nice sounding number out of their a**.

If you really want to start building a more fruitful and profitable business you have to know your figures. This allows you to work strategically and gives your mind a focus that is massively conducive to success.

I know sometimes, especially as a new entrepreneur it can be hard to work out your figures, but when I started doing it, my business changed HUGELY.

I help my clients to do this as well, as well as develop the kind of clarity and direction in their business that leads to massive results.

We work on this in my 1:1 programme, so if that’s what you need then book a complimentary consultation and I’ll talk to you soon.


So that’s all from me for today!

I know that if you start applying these tips, you should start attracting your dream clients in no time. Shoot me a message if you need any help applying these tips!

Yours in love and in service,


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