Morning Routine For Happiness and Productivity


Morning Routine For Maximum Productivity & Happiness

I know this is more of a 'New Year, New Me' type post but I want you to be winning ALL THE TIME and lets be real; if you're the type of person that waits until January 1st  to change your life then chances are you aren't going to maintain sustained change.

So I don't want you to wait until the new year, I don't even want you to wait until next week! Start implementing these things asap because everyday is precious and the life that you want doesn't care how 'up to it' you feel.

So without further adoo here's my 3 phase morning routine (and I also explain why each element is important; I gatchu like that)

Phase 1:  (15 mins)

Nurturing the body 


If you think that acquiring external success in the form of impact, money, holidays etc. is enough then try getting sick. If you don’t have a body that functions well you will quickly discover just how important this phase is. Success is given to those who steward it well; you can’t steward it well if you aren’t in good health you can't do that.

I nurture my body first thing in the morning by:

  1. Drinking a glass of water with ice and lemon

  2. Making a coffee or green tea (depending on how tired I feel)

  3. Having something light to eat - usually a smoothie or banana.  

  4. Dancing and working out! - Dancing literally puts me in such a great mood and allows me to feel gratitude for the body I have been given!

Phase 2:  (25 mins)

Nurturing the soul


The soul is the part of yourself that controls how you feel and your personality (or how you show up in the world). Most of us just kind of stumble into our day allowing life to dictate how we respond and 'just go with the flow'. When you make a conscious effort to set the tone for your day - magic starts to happen!

I nurture my soul by:

  1. Writing 10 things that I'm grateful for and saying 'thank you' out-loud for them. The key to this step is you must feeeeel good. 10 things may seem like a lot but believe me; the power and the speed at which gratitude will change your life and bring more abundance in your life will have you excited about doing it!

  2. Reading - I'm currently reading The Magic which I highly highly recommend! I gives you really practical ways to apply the power of gratitude to your life.

Phase 3:  (20 mins)

Nurturing the spirit


The spirit unlike the soul, is the core part of yourself that can't actually be felt or experienced through our physical senses but can be sensed intangibly (i.e. through faith). It's the part of you that reflects God. For me it's important to be in touch with this part and nurture it because for me it's what truly gives life meaning and reminds me that I am part of something bigger.

I nurture my spirit by:

  1. Playing worship music and praying or meditating.

  2. Reading my bible and meditating on it.

So that's it, my three phase morning routine - try it out and enjoy but let me ask you a question? How often have you tried a morning routine and stuck with it for a week (if you’re lucky) and fallen back into old habits shortly after?

Probably a few times if you’re reading this.

That’s why I’m offering a consultation who is serious about cultivating LONG TERM habits that serve them and make success inevitable. If you want to get support creating a routine that is specifically tailored to you and your responsibility/aims its time to book a call!

See you on the other side!