How to create a personal brand of excellence

How to create a personal brand of excellence

Why do you remember your favourite online personalities? Is it their charisma? Their humour? Their unique way of sharing advice? The way they show up every single day? That’s what’s gonna make you great. Being yourself in the best way possible.

But in order to create a personal brand of excellence where people show up no matter what you say, you have to show them why they should continuously show up and listen to you.

You have to give them a reason to value the content that you spend hours creating and pouring your heart into.

You have to be consistent. You have to be valuable. You have to be persistent and you have to look after yourself so that you can show up as that person!

  1. Choose 2/3 platforms that will serve you the best


Where are your target audience? Are they on Instagram? Facebook? Go where your audience is.

There is no point selling your services or sharing your content on Facebook if you serve 16-24 year olds who spend most of their time on Instagram. Instagram is my personal favourite as it allows me to connect and nurture my audience every day and create short story videos. By my audience seeing my face every day, it allows me to build trust with my audience and they are more likely to buy from me because they trust me (people buy from people they trust).


2. Build consistency


Be disciplined enough to show up every day for your audience.

Entrepreneurship is built on compound effort. So even if you do something great today, you may not get the results today but the effort that you put in day after day will pay off. It takes about 7-10 times for people to hear/see what you are selling before they decide to buy.


3. Act as if it is already done


If you are aiming to build your online presence and your online business, the fastest way to get there is to act as if the goal is already achieved and embody that feeling.

How would it feel to have 10k followers?

How would it feel to have a thriving online presence while finishing your degree?

What systems would you have in place if you were at the goal already?

How much content would you be putting out?

How many clients would you have?

How many sales calls would you be taking up?

These are the questions you need to be asking yourself to get to your next level.


4. Position yourself as an expert


People pay experts.

You know your strengths and you know what you’re good at. And when you know yourself and a great amount of knowledge, you will feel more comfortable serving your clients and customers. You can do a better job because you know what you know what you are talking about and make more money faster. Trust me – positioning yourself as an expert is the best thing you can do.

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Montelle Browne, Personal Branding Coach and Travel Blogger

Montelle Browne, Personal Branding Coach and Travel Blogger

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