10 ways to 10x your productivity

10 ways to 10x your productivity.

Productivity 101

Regardless of what your goals are, I think it’s fair to say we could all benefit from getting more out of our day, right?


So in the spirit of getting more sh*t done, here’s

10 ways to 10x your productivity

  1. plan your day the night before.

Productivity is less about time management and more about energy management. A lot of us spend so much of our energy thinking of what we should be doing that we barely have the energy to actually do it. Planning the day combats this.

2. Set alarms.

Once you’ve planned your day, go the extra mile and set alarms to tell you when you should move on to the next task. This creates a sense of urgency in your brain and makes you less likely to spend unnecessarily long on tasks.

3. scrap the to do list.

I now have a ‘Must’, ‘Should’ and ‘Could’ list. This has massively increased not only the amount I get done but it forces me to do the needle-shifting things that I would usually procrastinate on.

Must list - Things I do first. These are non-negotiables that I won’t go to bed without doing.

Should - I tackle these things once my ‘Must’ list is cleared.

Could - If I speed through everything, I look at this list. Usually it’s related to a non-urgent project.

4. Wake up earlier.

Inevitably, someone will pipe-up at this point and claim they aren’t a ‘morning-person’ (whatever that means). It’s been proven countless times that people who wake up earlier not only get more out of their day, but out of their life. Go to bed at a reasonable time and get with the programme.

5. make time for self-care daily.

Although this sounds counter intuitive, it gives your mind the proper rest it needs to stay sharp. It doesn’t have to be anything huge - a daily walk or 5 minutes of just sitting and drinking a hot cup of tea (NOT scrolling through your phone) would suffice.

6. drink more water.

I am a coffee lover (if you follow me on instagram you will know that I take pride in making frothier coffee than even your favourite barista) but nothing will keep your mind sharper and able to concentrate for longer than regular water intake.

7. wind down before bed.

A lot of people stumble straight from their work day or recreation into bed. This doesn’t give your mind the proper time to switch off. This affects the quality of your sleep and as a result you wake up feeling groggy (not ideal for productivity). I try and wind down 30 - 45 minutes before bed; usually by reading, journaling and drinking a cup of green tea (low lights and candles help a lot as well).

8. (sorry lads) track your cycle.

Your ability to concentrate and be productive is affected by the stage you’re at in your menstrual cycle ladies. Do yourself a favour and factor in the amount and type of tasks you plan to do. For me, I know a few days before my period and the first few days of, It takes me 10x the amount of effort to get tasks I would normally power through completed. Because I’m aware of this I apply my workload accordingly.

9. do the mindset work.

Starting my day with personal development and writing or speaking affirmations aloud that prime me to get the most of my day is a non-negotiable. It’s time well spent trust me.

10. set exciting goals.

The easiest way to be productive is to be working towards something that gets you giddy when you think about it.

That’s all from me today.

Please DO NOT try and implement all of these at once; pick a few that you like the sound of and try them out. Trying to do too much is a recipe for overwhelm.

Yours in love and in service,

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