How to quickly get out of a rut.

How To get out of a rut

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If you’re human, then chances are pretty strong that at one point or another in your life, you’ve experienced what’s officially known as a rut.

Gotta love urban dictionary!

Gotta love urban dictionary!

Whilst it’s inevitable that in life you will experience such times, I do believe we have a choice about how they affect us and how long for.

So I wanted to share with you guys what I have started doing to get out of my ruts quicker and with more ease.

  1.  Sit with it.


Yep, I know this sounds counterintuitive.

“uh...isn't this supposed to be about how to get OUT of a rut”

Well, I’ve come to realise that it’s impossible for us to truly get past what we have not gone through. We cannot disown that which we have not yet owned.
— mayfair. N

The thing is emotions are just the end product of a cycle that starts with our thoughts.

Take the example of money worries.

It starts with certain thoughts of lack e.g. “Money is so hard to come by”, “Why am I always broke” etc. You're mind then takes these thoughts as a command and so by the law of attraction you attract experiences that match these thoughts.  The end result is a feeling - frustration, worry, stress….A RUT.


A rut is actually a great opportunity and signal to go back to the route thought or circumstance. This is what I mean by sitting with it. Identify what’s behind the feeling or what led to it.

I do this by journaling. I start with the question ‘If I knew what was bothering me, what would I write ?’ and I just see where my pen leads and ask myself questions as I go along like: why is this bothering me ?, what’s at the root of this?

2. Surrender.


So often we try to be superwoman/superman and try to fix all of our problems. This often leaves us feeling stressed and exhausted, leaving little room for creative flow and thought.

But I want you to look back a bit. How many problems have you had in the past that you stressed about but somehow, without you doing much about it they just disappeared or resolved themselves?

This my friends is the balance; of course I’m not telling you to ignore your problems (I talk a lot about developing a plan to overcome obstacles) but what I am telling you, is that you are held.

You get to bring yourself into the awareness that God is always working for you
— mayfair. n

It may feel strange at first but just this once, try giving whatever it is that is bothering you over to something higher than yourself.

3. Shift the energy.


So I know that I said that it’s important to sit with the emotion BUTTTTT. Sitting with something is very different to soaking in it.

Sitting with whatever emotions come up for us is a process that serves us and allows us to learn what we can from it but, what many of us do it soak in this rut and let it sit with us longer than it has to. Then what should have been a low moment turns into a bad day, a horrible get the idea.

Instead; once you’ve journaled and sat with the feeling, you can then do something to shift the energy. My absolute favorite way to do this is DANCING.

And by dancing I mean 10 minutes straight of happy, carefree, ‘if-you-walked-in-right-now-you’d-think-I-was-crazy’ type dancing.

I promise you, you will feel 100 times better by the time you’re done - try it!



I am not a mental health professional and this information is not designed to supplement that of a professional. If you have been experiencing a low emotion for a sustained period of time, please do consider seeing a professional - click here for more information.

Yours in love and in service

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