3 Keys for success in your service based business

3 Keys for success in your service based business


Running a service based business is a great way to use your creativity and expertise to make money doing what you love. BUTTTTT, it is not without challenges. If you’ve been running a service based business for any length of time, I can almost guarantee you have run into a dry patch and if you’re reading this, you might even be in one right now.

Well, rest easy because I’m about to share with you the three keys that you need to be using to pick things up in your biz. I’ve worked with numerous people to transform their business’ and 9/10 of the time it was by working on one or all of these three things.

key #1

package your services.


If you really want to develop a sustainable service based business, then you and others need to be clear on what you are offering. This doesn't mean you can’t be flexible in how you cater to people who want to work with you, but packaging your services positions YOU as an expert and gives people more confidence in your ability to get the job done.

To build a compelling package consider the following things:

  • Who is my ideal client?

  • What are their aims? (e.g. grow awareness for their brand, make x amount of money, establish themselves as an expert, separate themselves from their competitors)

  • How could I (through my services) help them to achieve these aims?

  • EXTRA - what else could you add that is unique and make your offer IRRESISTIBLE? - You don’t have to break the bank or go too far out of your way. It could be a special printable, social media planner, step-by-step guide, an exclusive recording.

Of course, how you package (and price) your services depends hugely on what you actually do so it’s hard for me to get super specific in one blog post.

In my 1:1 programme I work individually with you to create a killer package that your target audience will love! If you’re ready to take the next step to levelling up your biz, book a time with me to chat.

Key #2

have a reliable lead generation method.

That was a bit of a mouthful and yeah, it doesn’t really fit the whole sexy running an online biz from the beach aesthetics but hear me out.

“Lead generation” simply means a method by which you attract your potential clients to your services.

What I’ve found a lot of service based business owners do, is cross their fingers and hope their efforts that month are enough to bring in some real money.

Guilty anyone?


No shade sis, I’ve been there, but I’ve found a MUCH better way and I’ve helped my clients to as well.

And that way is:

  1. Work out how many new clients you would need to reach your income goal (e.g. 5 clients at $2,000 for $10k income)

  2. Work out how many leads you would need to get (based on statistics) to get those clients (e.g. 20 consultations to close 5 clients at a close rate of 25%)

  3. Work out 1 or 2 reliable methods to get that amount of leads.

The way I do this is via my mailing list (an opt in freebie). Create a freebie that will add people to your mail list. This should be info that your ideal client wants e.g. 5 reasons you're copy isn’t working, how to turn your mailing list subscribers into paying clients, downloadable content planner pdf.

If any of this went over your head, chances are you need a business coach. You can’t keep playing guess games in your business and expect to bring in the big bucks your talent deserves.

key #3

turning leads into clients.


So once you’ve cracked the code of getting people interested you need to be able to turn this interest into money on the table, I.e. clients!

The best way to do this is to get them on the phone (I use Calendly). Trust me I used to try and close clients via email correspondents and it just does not work. People need to feel like they are well informed and trust you before they buy your services - this can only be done through conversation.

I’ve written a blog post on how you can run a successful consultation - check it out here.

Use your mailing list to offer people to get on the phone with you. If someone around you says their friend needs a service you provide or they express interest - direct them to book a call with you. Don’t be afraid to take opportunities e.g. at events.

Lastly, remember to be in the long game. Once you build reputation people will look for you!

It is not always easy trying to build a business, but it is so so worth it and remember you don’t have to do it on your own!

I hope you found that helpful and I can’t wait for you to hit your new level!

Yours in love and in service

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