How to streamline your processes

How to streamline your processes

As a business owner, you can’t do everything. That’s just a fact.

As your business grows (because you want it to grow right?), you’re gonna have more demands on your time.

Responding to emails, social media dms, posting content, creating work for clients, sales calls and pitches.

So how do I manage all of this without becoming overwhelmed.


Well keep reading…

In todays post I’m breaking down how you can make your life easier and avoid the overwhelm of running a business:



There is nothing worse than wasting time as an entrepreneur and the easiest way to avoid that is to streamline your processes. Make them as seamless as possible so that when you onboard clients, there are no delays in the process and your client feels comfortable. This all makes a difference in whether they decide to work with you or not. If they can already feel comfortable with you and imagine working with you and it is simple to work with you, they are more likely to.

When you create content, have a day strictly dedicated to that so that you can put all your energy and focus into creating content that serves your audience. Create templates that you can come back to so that you don’t have to start all over again.

Have one payment system so that when you take payments from clients, it is easier for you and easier for them. Here is a list of apps that may help you:


Stripe allows you to take payments easily from clients without the hassle so that you can set up direct debits with them.


Paypal allows you to send invoices to your clients via their email address to easily collect payments.


Canva is one of the greatest tools I have been able to use! It allows you to express your creativity in creating whatever content you need for your brand, whether that be infographics, Instagram posts or banners etc.


An app that allows you to send out contracts and agreements to your clients easily and allows them to return it to you easily using an online signature


Trello allows you to write out all your tasks and organise them into boards so that you can structure your projects


Loom allow you to screen record your processes so you can record how you create content, complete admin tasks and other bits that someone else might be doing for you one day!




You can outsource or employ people.

Either way you can’t do everything by yourself.

Eventually you will have to take on employees and create a team to support you and all the magic you create with your gifts.

But why not make it easier for you and them by creating and recording your processes?

You wanna make the process as seamless as possible for whoever joins your team so why not start now so that you can focus on creating the magic in your business and the income generating activities.

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