3 steps to transform your business

3 steps to transform your coaching business

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I know how overwhelming it can be when you just aren’t getting the results you want to in your business. There’s a million and one options, but which ones are really worth your time and money? and to top it all off the internet is stalking you with even MORE ideas.

If you’re a coach you have definitely come across a video advert with some Gary V protege asking you ‘Do you wanna make more money in your online business’ whilst chilling in the Bahamas or some shit like that.

So I decided to simplify things for you, and give you the exact 3 step process I follow when I want to reach the next level in my coaching business.

Step 1:

Map out what your next level looks like


The first and most important step to getting unstuck in your business is defining, very clearly what that would look like. And if you’re not stuck but are simply ready for more in your business, you need to decide what that more really looks like.

For you it might be getting your first 5 coaching clients, hitting 6 figures in your business , filling a group programme, creating an online programme…it could be anything, but whatever it is, let it be PRECISE. I’m talking getting really nerdy, bringing out the calculator and having exact figures.

the clearer you are about where you want to be, the easier it is to get there.

Step 2

work out what this requires you to become, to achieve.


Okay, this is gonna sound a little ‘woo-woo’ but then again I’m a business and MINDSET coach so you should have expected it at some point, so here goes: The only way you achieve better, is by becoming better!

So now you’ve defined what ‘better’ looks like, it’s time to get clear on what the gap is between there and here.

You can do this by simply asking yourself the question “What three qualities or skills would I have to develop to achieve my next level?”

These could be things like: being more assertive (i.e. close your clients on the damn phone, rather than letting them “think about it”), getting better at sales, learning how to master pinterest, being more organised with your finances etc.

I say stick to three to avoid that overwhelming feeling that you clicked on this post to overcome in the first place!

Step 3

find someone who is a wiz in those areas!


Here’s what most people do when they want to get better at something: - they will search the internet frantically for anything that seems even remotely helpful - possibly how you ended up here right?

Now with this approach, you may achieve some level of success

but unspecific information from the internet will only get you so far

And can actually be a very inefficient technique. The simplest way to get the information that will really make a difference, is by finding someone who is a wiz in that area; and don’t just look at how much they talk, look at their results. Ideally this will be someone you know personally who would be happy to give you some specific help (but please, please ask in a way that is to the point and respectful of their time!).

For example, when I wanted to hit my next income goal, I approached a friend who happened to be a top salesperson…in a top company…in the competitive jungle that is New York City. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind us doing a mock call and then him giving me feedback…let’s just say by the time we were done, I had been well and truly schooled, and guess what? I achieved my goal.

Now, of course you may not be lucky enough to find someone in your circle with the knowledge or time to help you - that’s when it’s time to decide whether or not you’re willing to invest in a coach. This is hands down the smartest move you can make to hit your next level faster and more efficiently (since you are literally paying them to do help you do this).

BUUUUT, take your time when you are looking for a coach!!!

Make sure it’s someone who really aligns with you and your overall vision. I personally do not take on any clients before having an hour long conversation to help both of us see if we’re a fit.

I actually have a few slots left this quarter to take on 1:1 clients, you can find out more info below or just drop me an email (coach@mayfairn.com) and I’ll be with you, within 48 hours.

I hope you found that helpful and I can’t wait for you to hit your new level!

Yours in love and in service

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