How to trust the process as an entrepreneur

How to trust the process as an entrepreneur

You’ve probably realised by now how different the journey of an entrepreneur is.

Its unpredictable.

There are highs and lows. 

Failures are redefined as lessons. 

And sometimes you downright feel like giving up.


But God promised that his purpose for us will come to pass right? (Isaiah 14:24)

Sometimes as believers, our flesh gets the better of us. It’s hard to keep the faith that our business will succeed when externally everything is going wrong.

We’re not getting the clients we want.

We’re frustrated.

We’re broke.

When I was New York, I experienced all of this. I was so sure God had called me to go to New York. But everything externally felt like I had a mistake. The homeless guy in the subway even had more money than me. 

But later I realised, it was the perfect opportunity for God to prune me into the woman who can handle the business I have today. The blessings I have today. The opportunities I have today. So, if the external situation looks messy, bleak and you feel hopeless, these are 3 reasons why you should trust the process:

Reason 1:

God has to do the work IN you before he does it THROUGH you.


Like the caterpillar transforming to a butterfly, the ugly storms will come before the breakthrough. What God has prepared for us requires resilience, tenacity and faith just like the greats you see in the media. They overcame several barriers and built characteristics found in a leader. So, before you question if you should give up, believe that God is building you for the next level.


Reason 2:

It gives God opportunity to perform a miracle in your life.


Sometimes our dream reaches a standstill. The money has run out. The clients are gone. No one is watching your content. But hold tight, these are the perfect conditions for God to come through just on time. 


Reason 3:

Your faith can move mountains


God has already predestined everything.

You will succeed.

Your business will flourish.

People will know your name and know God through you.

God just needs you to do what he asked and stand strong in faith expectant of his grace. When Moses was called to lead the Israelites (Exodus 4:14-22), the Israelites believed they we going to die. But God said he would part the Red Sea, and all Moses had to do is lift his rod and BELIEVE. That’s all God wants you to do. It’s as simple as that. Faith as a small as a mustard seed will cause your dream to move to the next level (Matthew 17:20). So just believe!

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