How To Host Your First Webinar

How To Host Your First Webinar

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If you’re in the online business space then it’s likely that every other day you come across a new webinar advert…How to grow your instagram, how to build an online programme, how to make £1k from blogging…you get the idea.

There’s pretty much a webinar topic for every topic you can think of.

But maybe like me you’ve thought about hosting a webinar for a while but didn’t know how it would actually benefit your business (I’m all for service but in business you have to think about sustainability as well girl) or maybe you procrastinated on it because of how much damn work it all seems.


Well, look no further.

In todays post I’m breaking down (in sections) how you can host your first webinar free from overwhelm and I’ll be highlighting the benefits!

Part 1:

the aims.


If you run a service based business then hosting a webinar has a ton of possible benefits and it’s important to establish which ones matter most to you before diving head first into planning.


  1. To establish yourself as an expert - People buy services from people they perceive to be experts in their problems.

Nothing says “I know what I’m talking about” like an hour of you breaking down the solution to a problem your ideal client has.

2. To engage with your audience! - Community is everything in business, webinars build this seamlessly.

3. To promote or launch your service - A webinar helps you to capture your ideal clients attention (you can’t pitch without attention).

Once you’ve decided your aim for the webinar, write out a specific criteria for success (e.g. 3 sign ups, 10 new emails, audience engagement) This will help to guide you and give you something to base your post-webinar reflection on.

bonus tip:

It’s your first webinar, don’t stress yourself out, you will improve as you go! “just giving it a go” is a perfectly acceptable aim as well!


Part 2:

the topic.


So like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are literally a million and one things you can host a webinar on. However, for success yours should strike the balance between these three things:

a) What your audience wants to know:

Instagram polls are one great way to gage this, paying attention to what people ask you most about, or searching topics on pinterest and youtube.

b) What you would enjoy talking about:

If you’re bored about the topic, your attendees will be too! People can tell and LOVE when you are passionate about what you’re saying.

c) your business aims:

If you are launching an online programme for example, your topic should ideally shadow some of the topics you will be covering. If you are trying to build your authority, your topic should be in one area of your expertise.

Side note: when I say expertise, I don’t mean you have to have studied the topic for yearrssss, simply that you have achieved a result in that area that others may be interested to achieve as well (big or small).

Once you’ve decided on a topic for your webinar, you’re good to go ahead and plan the content. Webinars usually last somewhere between 45 minutes to an hour. There is no set way to do it, go with what feels good to you. It’s essentially just an online workshop; some people have slides, others prefer not being restricted in this way, some have a super casual approach others have a more set style…DO YOU B! I would however recommend leaving time for Q&A, and if you are pitching, schedule time for this too.


Part 3:

the nitty gritty.


Now you have a topic and know your aims it’s time to think about the technical stuff. Since this post is specifically for first timers, I’m keeping things super simple. You are more than welcome to explore different platforms to the ones I suggest.

Here are the specific technical bits you’ll need to host your webinar:

  1. landing page

This is just the page you will use to collect emails from people who sign up to the webinar. I use Mailchimp to do this or you can create one directly from your website if you have one and just connect it to a mailchimp account.

Mailchimp allows you to schedule email reminders before the webinar. (I would schedule at least a 24hr, 1hr and 15 minute reminder) As well as build a mailing list'; this is important for staying connected with people who are clearly very interested in what you do, even if you don’t pitch anything to them immediately after the webinar.

Please email me if you want me to do a more detailed post on how to use mailchimp or on how to create a landing page (Coach@mayfairn) I Will have it written within 2 weeks x

2. hosting platform

This is where people will actually be able to watch your webinar. I use the normal zoom conference call function (You’ll need to pay for the pro function because the free version cuts off at 40 minutes). It works well for smaller groups, allows you to show slides by sharing your screen and actually see peoples faces, which I love.

Youtube live stream is a good free option if you are looking to host a bigger group and don’t want/need to interact with people on the webinar via video.

Bonus tip:

Make sure you test things out well ahead of time to save unnecessary complications. It will also help to calm you down, if you’re a bit nervous about it being your first webinar.

Step 4:

the aftermath.


If you want your webinar to move you towards your bigger business aims then I’m afraid the work doesn’t end when your webinar does. You need to have a post webinar strategy that aligns with your success criteria.

success is in the follow-through

You can always schedule a lot of this stuff in so you you know it’s done. Here are a few examples of post-webinar actions you could take:

  1. Schedule automated follow up sequence with an offer.

  2. Personally reach out to attendees to build relationship and engagement.

  3. Send attendees invitation to join your private Facebook group.

Again, as a creative entrepreneur it’s tempting to try and do ALL the things. Save yourself the unnecessary stress and pick one of two things that feel aligned and manageable for you.

Once you’ve covered these 4 bases, you’re ready to spread your wings and host that webinar!

If you’re looking for more personalised and structured support towards your business aims, I have limited spots for private coaching available!

Yours in love and in service

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