How To Make And Adapt Your Website To Start Attracting Your Dream Clients!

how to make and adapt your website to start attracting your dream clients!

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So I first launched my website in June of last year.

I spent weeks working on it and had MANY late nights picking just the right colour pallet, creating the perfect format, deciding outfits for my photoshoot...

D day came and I threw a party to celebrate and show my beautiful new website to my friends


The clients would be rolling in in no time right - I mean who isn’t drawn in by a beautiful colour pallet??


My beautiful website hardly got any views and most importantly, it didn't inspire my dream clients to buy from me.

I learnt the hard way that a pretty website is simply not enough!

Soo, today I’m sharing with you…

5 simple tips that helped me adapt my website to attract my dream clients and 10x my income in a month!

  1. your website is not about you!

    It can be really tempting to talk all about you on your website.

    And I know what your thinking here…”Damn right I’m gonna talk about me, It’s my website and I didnt pay £20 a month NOT to”


I hear you…BUT, if you really want you're dream clients to stop and buy from you , then your website has to be about them.

You want to talk about THEIR pain points, who THEY are and what THEY want.

Only when people feel like you understand them, will they trust you and want to work with you. So, only talk about yourself and your achievements in a way that is relevant to your  ideal clients needs.

2. INCLUDE A BLOG on your website and actually USE it.

The truth is no one cares about your website.

If you’re lucky, your friends and family may view it because they like you and the odd instagram follower may check it out out of curiosity. Other than that it will mainly be other online biz owners to check out the competition.

If you want your ideal client to find YOU and your website ,you need to flood it with content that helps them.

A frequently updated (minimum twice a month) blog is the best and most efficient way to make clients give a damn about your pretty site.

This improves your SEO, positions you as an expert in the area your ideal clients needs help and ultimately makes them come looking for you and not the other way around!

Bonus tip:

Use pinterest to promote your blog posts!

3. Make it easy for people to see how they can work with you.

If you haven’t figured it out by now; we live in a very fast and lazy generation.

If it is not blindingly obvious how people can work with you within about 30 seconds of scrolling, then you’ve lost that opportunity - sorry!

A ‘Work with me’ section is no longer enough.

You need to have constant calls to action and opportunities for your ideal clients to book calls, sign on to your mailing list, buy your course...etc. weaved into your site.

4. Connect the social media channels you are most active on to your website.

If your website looks like it hasn't been touched in months or years; you radically decrease your chances of your ideal client jumping in to work with you.

An updated website sends across the message that you are efficient, organised and committed i..e the kind of person people want to business with!

Usually little will change in your business from month to month that warrants updating so a stupidly easy way to keep your website looking updated with little work is to connect a social profile like instagram or twitter on your site. If you don’t post on it often, don’t add that profile!


← Instagram reel on my footer (Squarespace function)


5. Testimonials are KING!

Okay so no one likes a show-off, BUT…. it’s not showing off if it’s other people saying how amazing you are right?



Testimonials are the most powerful way to show your ideal client that you’re the real deal. They are often what’s really needed to make people stop and develop that emotional connection that most people need to take the leap and work with you.

Make sure you website is scattered with what other people are saying about how amazing your work is.


If your business is new and or you haven't worked with very many people, don’t be afraid to do some pro-bono (free work) in exchange for a testimonial, these are just as powerful!  For example if you are a coach, you could offer a free session or work with someone who you really believe in for the duration of one of your programmes and get a very detailed video or written testimonial. You could also (Ask permission to use) quotes from feedback and comments people have said about your content!


So that’s all from me for today! I know that if you start applying these tips, you should start attracting your dream clients in no time, BUT…

The DOING is only part of the equation when it comes to achieving massive results in your life and business. The other (and BIGGER) piece of the pie is the BEING aka you're mindset.

My Free guide has 7 mindset shifts that you need to make if you want all of you're hard practical work to make a different and FAST.

Grab it below!

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In case we haven’t met…

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