How to plan for a killer week

How To plan for a killer week

do these 3 things to consistently hit your weekly goals and beyond!

Okay, so if you’re reading this you probably know that you should plan your week, but how do you plan your week in a way that is effective and efficient?

I gatchuu sis.

Here are 3 elements to include in your weekly planning that you can get done all in under an hour!

  1. Reflection.


The people who progress the most in life and in business are those who routinely ask themselves whether what they are doing is effective (as it relates to their goals).

What most people do is wait until after they have completely missed their bigger goals to readjust, but successful people assess regularly, and re-adjust their actions or maybe even the goal itself when they need to. 

Here’s a few questions I use to help guide my weekly reflection.

  1. How was my disciple this week? (I.e. did I wake up when I planned to, work at the rate I planned to, was my time management effective) 

  2. Did I achieve the goals I set myself for the week? 

  3. Why/why not? 

  4. Overall how did I feel the week went? 

2. set your goals.


These shouldn’t be random ‘would-be-nice’ things.

They should be things that you need to achieve in order to be on track for your bigger goal (monthly, quarterly, yearly goals) 

2 tips to setting effective weekly goals

Tip #1: Be as specific as you can - you should be able to definitively whether or not you actually achieved it. 

To eat healthy ✘

To eat 3 nutritious meals everyday and drink 2l of water ✔

Tip #2: Be minimal!

Writing more goals doesn’t mean you will actually achieve more (in fact it’s usually a hindrance) only list goals that you are SERIOUS about achieving and doing the action towards. This reduces overwhelm and reaffirms to you mind that achieving your goals is not optional.

I suggest no more than 3 goals per week. 

3. Pencil in Appointments.


Whether you are a techy person and have everything on your devices or whether you’re like me and prefer having things written in a pretty diary; I really recommend having everything fixed you need to do displayed in a way that you can visually see.

This means things don’t creep up on you and you can easily see how much time you actually have to ‘play’ with.

Having this done at the start of the week also allows you to be realistic about how much you can actually get done on a particular day and plan accordingly (towards a side project for example).

For example, I know this coming week I will be away from Thursday - Saturday for different meetings and guest interviews. Because I’m already aware of this, I can make sure that I am as efficient as possible from Monday-Wednesday and perhaps say no to more things so my goals aren’t compromised.

Apply these 3 elements to your weekly planning and watch how you finish this week feeling like an absolute boss!

Yours in love and in service,

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