Here’s what I believe about you…

 I believe that you were fashioned in the very image of God.


I believe that divinity dances in you, around you and through you.

I believe you were put on this earth on purpose. With purpose.

I believe you have the same creative potential that creates universes.

I believe you have a dream within you that could change not only your life;

but the lives of those near and far from you.


But, I also know this…

Sometimes (a lot of the time) you don’t feel that powerful.


God has given you insights and inspiration, and it’s not that you don’t want to act on them; it’s Just you have no idea how to…start

Or maybe you did start…and then life got in the way.

You were fired up about what God was calling you into,

That business, that ministry, that book

And then you looked around and saw how far you were from that vision.

You looked down at the waves, sort of like Peter did.

And you got back in the boat, and you thought to yourself

“Who am I to…”


I believe you had hopes once. You had expectations of how life was supposed to work out, and well…it DIDN'T.


So although you still love God, although you still believe in God, You find it hard to believe in dreaming…

Yet, the dream still calls you forward.

The dream of something better. 

Something greater.  

Something more.

Well I have good news for you.

You’re not crazy.

There is still more open for you…





 My 3 month signature 1:1 coaching programme combines mindset, strategy and bible based wisdom to equip you to step fully into your creative God given vision. I believe your dream is possible, you just hadn’t attracted the bridge to it yet, until now...

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9 x 60 minute sessions

We do 3 weekly sessions a month and then the final week of the month off to digest and reflect. This gives you the time and knowledge to progress rapidly, but without overwhelm.

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Unlimited text support

Part of the reason I get such amazing results for my clients is because I base my coaching on relationship. As a private client of mine, you won’t have to wait to ask questions, have a shoulder to cry on or a friend to bounce ideas off.

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personalised worksheets

You will get access to the exact systems and templates I use to scale my business and manage my life with grace and ease. You will have lifelong access to use these well beyond our time together.


Still have questions? Read our FAQ page



 Topics include but will not be limited to…
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Money Mindset

Contrary to what many of us believe, God isn’t about to give you a financial breakthrough. He’s given you everything you need to create your own.

We cut through your limiting beliefs around money and I’ll teach you how to become a magnet for abundance in all areas.

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Vision & Goal setting

It’s not enough to know that you want better for your life. You have to be crystal clear on the vision. Clarity is the key to transformational results.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be clearer than ever on your life vision and have a strategy to achieve it.

Mayfair, ever since I signed up to your programme I’ve had a financial breakthrough
— jade johnson

Within three weeks I am in the driving seat of my life and I am pleasantly surprised by how the whole world is literally coming to my assistance to achieve my goals.
— taguma ngondonga

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Time Management

Unless we get good at using our time, we will constantly experience a gap between where you are and where you’re supposed to be.

I track your time use and help you to align your use of time with your goals.

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Business planning & Strategy

I will give you practical advise and walk you through all the key components needed to get your business or idea off the ground. This includes marketing, packaging and sales.

My previous clients have published books, started foundations, launched podcasts and so much more!


Still unsure? Read success stories of people who got the result you’re after in a matter of months, or check out our FAQ page.



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personalised resources library

From the minute we start working together, I create a google docs folder for you where I will be dropping tailored resources to aid your personal, business and spiritual development.

By the time we’ve finished working together you will have a library full of sermons, videos, podcasts, book recommendations and so much more to access for life.


Bonus #2

Session with my branding expert!

We all have a brand, whether we recognise it or not. However, it’s those who are aware of and manage that brand the create real impact in the world.

This is why I have included an hour long bonus call with my branding expert; Jonathan has over a decade of experience working within ministry and advising major brands such as mothercare.

The session will help you develop your core characteristics, build a profile of your target audience, highlight features and benefits and more.


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Still unsure? Read success stories of people who got the result you’re after in a matter of months, or check out our FAQ page.