The G3 Programme

The only coaching programme designed to equip you to create an impactful life and business, whilst studying.

What’s your legacy going to be?

That seems like an irrelevant question to ask in your 20’s.

Until you realise that you’re crafting the answer as you read this.

Day by day,

Moment by moment.

G3 is a holistic 12-week programme

for the student ready to begin crafting the foundations for a successful life and business. Join Mayfair and a team of experts as we dive into everything from money mindset and branding, to healthy habits and routine.


Previous G3 Coaches…

At G3, we bring you into contact with the very best experts in their fields to help you LEVEL UP.

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Nissy Tee

Confidence coach, speaker & presenter.

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Health coach & global entrepreneur.

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yinka adewale

Transformational speaker, author & business coach.

Guest coaches for 2019 will be announced shortly, keep up with us on social media for latest updates!

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Here’s what inspired some of our previous students to join G3…


G3 is for you if…

  • You don’t want to get into the ‘rat-race’ of working in a job you hate, for a few days holiday a year.

  • There’s something in you that just knows you will be the one to change your family’s legacy.

  • You want to graduate with more than a degree; you want to be equipped to live a life of abundance and freedom.

  • You have an idea but are overwhelmed or unsure as to how to turn this into a profitable business

  • You know the kind of lifestyle you want to have but you need support figuring out a viable game plan to get there.


What do we cover in the G3 Programme?

Here’s a snapshot of the topics we cover across our three months together. Each and every topic has been designed with your dream life in mind

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“go long”

I’ve studied the art of achieving goals extensively, and what is clear is that what separates goals that are and are not achieved is not how realistic or big the goal is but how clear you are on what the goals actually is.

By the end of G3 , you will have a clear and compelling vision for your life - massive success always starts with a vision.

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“ready or not…”

There’s people with less talent than you making money from their craft. Why? they just did the damn thing.

This module will push you to put action on your ideas. We will work closely with you to create practical steps to move you from a dreamer to a doer and if you’re already doing then we will work on expanding.

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“let’s talk about money”

By the end of G3 you will have an insight into how rich people think.  Through working with people at various stages of life, I've developed the ability to spot limiting beliefs around money.

During this programme Myself and other guest coaches will work with you to re-frame your thoughts around money into ones that serve you, ones that are conducive to lasting wealth. 


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“who are ya?”

If your business is thriving, but your health is a mess, you still aren’t successful.

This module will focus on helping you ensure that you are spiritually, physically and emotionally the person that it takes to run a successful business and life. Our Guest expert for this module will discuss tips for a healthy body and mind.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you will have heard the phrase 'It's not what you know, it’s who you know'. Well, it's actually both.

By the end of G3, regardless of who you knew to start with, you will have a rich community of like-minded individuals around you. Beyond this, you will also learn how to develop further meaningful connections with influential people in your industry.

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“it’s not them, it’s you”

Whether you are in business or not, you have a brand and that brand needs managing. What do people think of when they hear your name? Are you known for something?

A powerful personal and business brand is the key to an impactful life and business. It’s the thing that will have people buying anything you drop…even airpods.


This is NOT a first come first serve, All applicants will be screened and selected ONLY if suitable. Please fill out the application with this in mind.


The G3 Programme


 The programme designed for the student ready for more.

“I have been equipped with steps to build my business and have learned that there is no room for excuses!”

~ G3 graduate

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What you’ll receive as a G3 member:

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6 x expert coaching calls.

This is where the bulk of teaching will be delivered. These coaching calls will be delivered by Me and a team of 3 other guest coaches. The size of the group will be intimate enough to ask questions and get personal advice.

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Part of the reason I get such amazing results for my clients is because I base my coaching on relationships. You will have access to me and other like minded individuals through the private Facebook group.

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6 x module worksheets

You will get access to detailed worksheets for each module we cover. You will have lifelong access to these to ensure your learning extends well beyond our time together. 


Want to get even more personalised support?


The G3 Premium package


This is for the student who is really ready to invest, and see massive transformation. As well as all of the features listed above, you will have unlimited text support from me, regular feedback AND monthly 1:1 progress calls.


*Spots are extremely limited and members will be selected based on a screening process, and invited to a suitability call.

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What other students had to say about working with me…

100% of our G3 graduates said they would recommend G3 to a friend. “G3 is a powerful & resourceful program where you not only get to develop personally, but meet people who will empower you. Of course, Mayfair puts her all into it and you can see it!”

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Canisha Chakadya

“Working with Mayfair was a delight. The program she created recognised the different demands that come from being a student and an entrepreneur. This meant that each week we tackled different areas that played a fundamental role to success. The community I met through G3 are people I talk to up til this day and they were incredibly supportive. During the time of the program, I mentioned I wanted to start a YouTube channel and set a deadline. Due to the accountability of the group, I was encouraged to meet this goal and did it successfully! Something I am proud of. Thank you, Mayfair, for creating this program.”

~ Student, founder of Phoenix Subscriptions & Google Intern

Rosan Rai

“Before my session with Mayfair I wasn’t getting a lot of things done in a day. I wasn’t investing in my personal development. However, with the one to on session. I have gained some knowledge and steps of what action I should take to meet my needs. For example, writing down pen and paper for the activities for the next day. Reading books, listening podcasts and watching videos to help me with personal development. Forming that business mindset.

~ Student, co-founder of Local Door Discount Voucher

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Juliana Sackey

G3 was the push I needed to start my business, I was ignited for action and held accountable to my commitments. Through each stage through the constant support of Mayfair, who always made herself available, I was able to examine the drive of my business, scrutinising passion and practicability . There were difficult pills to swallow that showed me how much I can stand in my on way. I had the amazing opportunity to be surrounded by like minded individuals who spurred me on to achieve my goals. I don’t know where I would be without G3, but I can say for sure that my dreams and ides would have stayed nothing more than notes on a page and wishful thinking.

~ Student, founder of Morayo Baking.


Meet your lead coach

mayfair ngondonga

Let’s rewind to the summer of 2016...I had just gotten into a top 'Russell Group' University to study law. My plan was to graduate, get a corporate job with a top law firm and make a LOT of money.

As far as I was concerned my life was set and I had found my 'purpose' in life. Well, life had other plans... 

I stepped into university and it was a total battleground.

Early on in my first year I was raped by a man who probably wouldn't recognise my 
face in a crowd,
 yet he changed my life forever. 

The rest of my first year was spent avoiding how broken this whole experience had made me feel inside through alcohol, drugs, name it. Of course these things didn't help and I found myself still deeply sad and crippled with anxiety. I remember looking out of my window at a little girl running with her dad and feeling like I would never experience that kind of blisful joy again. 

Through support and getting the help I needed, I managed to make it through this difficult period in my life. But I realised something after all of this: what kept me going wasn't getting my degree from a prestigious university. It was the idea that my life could be used to change someone elses; the idea that I could have impact in the world. 

This led me to pursue a career in life coaching, becoming one of the UK's youngest life-coaches at just 20. I went on to publish my debut book 'The Becoming' sharing my story and lessons I had learnt to help others who had gone through what I had. 

I was able to do all of this whilst still studying for my degree. However, In September 2018 I made the decision to defer my studies so I could commit myself to supporting other students to create impactful lives and business whilst studying - and so G3 was birthed. 

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So what are you waiting for?

You could leave your future to chance and join the 98% of people who die with their potential OR, you could join G3, and begin a journey to living a life of

Impact, Influence and abundance