The system that’s helping dozens of people to set and achieve even their most audacious goals!

We’ve all been’s 3 am and you have an idea that you can just feel will change the world. 

Or maybe it’s an idea you had years ago. 

To start that ministry. 

Run that event. 

Publish that book. 

Start that clothing line. 

Move to a new city...or country. 

But what usually happens with those ideas? 

Be honest. 

Not much, right?





 The 90 minute session that bridges the gap between where you, and where you want to be.

“Mayfair had me speechless! From just one conversation I was able to make my goals realistic. Now I can plan my day to day tasks and actually achieve results, and stop floating on an ambiguous cloud of nice-to-haves.”

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You get excited; maybe even make some phone calls and do some research but you always seem to get stopped in your tracks for the same reason...


Where do I start? 

Am I even doing this right? 

How do I go about this? 

Or maybe you’ve been stuck in a particular area of your life for a while. 

Your health. 

Your relationships 

Your career. 

You know you want change, but it’s gotten to the point that you’ve started and stopped so many times that you’ve even lost faith in yourself to make it happen. 

Well, that’s all about to change..


Here’s how these sessions achieve such incredible results…

You really just need to cover 3 bases when achieving ANY goal, we’ve got them covered for you:

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Knowing what to do.

I’ve studied the art of achieving goals extensively, and what is clear is that what separates goals that are and are not achieved is not how realistic or big the goal is but how clear you are on what the goals actually is.

You will leave this session with just that.

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Knowing how to do it.

The reason a lot of your goals stay as just that - goals; as opposed to them becoming reality, is because you haven’t been able to effectively map out a plan to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’.

I’ll talk you through and help you to develop a tailored plan to do just that. Without the overwhelm.

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Believing you can do it.

There’s a lot of goals that you’ve set that aren’t that hard to achieve. You know what to do and how to do it, yet you still don’t.

Why? because you haven’t identified and overcome your limiting beliefs. This session is designed to tackle this.

session Price: £129




When you book a session, you will also receive…

  1. tailored guided visualisation

    If you cannot see a thing in your mind, then you will not hold it in your hand.

    During our session I take you through an extremely powerful and personalised guided visualisation. In this you will be able to see and feel yourself having achieved your goal; and this my friend - is where the magic happens!

2. call RECORDED for you to re-watch

This session is designed to be high impact and provide you with A LOT of high quality information that I do not share anywhere else.

You will get a recording of our call sent to you so you can go back and get all the gems you need to + you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the session rather than scrambling to write tons of notes!

3.custom goal planner template

Following the session you will be given life long access to this, to customise and apply to ANY and every goal you may have in the future.

This is the same template I use to use to get clients results in record timing such as:

publishing books, launching podcasts, running events and so much more.

4. follow up support

For 2 weeks after our session you will have access to me via email and direct message to ask any further questions you may have, as well as accountability from me.

This ensures you get lasting results!

session price: £129