Media / collaborations

Mayfair Ngondonga’s overall overall mission is to “To give breath back to the universe by encouraging, healing and empowering through the gift of words.” She does this through the avenues of writing, speaking and coaching.


Mayfair has been writing and performing poetry for over 5 years. During this time she has performed on various stages including The Curve theatre (Leicester, UK) as part of the Unislam Poetry Slam Semifinals; Annual Women Of Colour Poetry Night (Exeter, UK) ; RISC cafe Bohemian night (Reading, UK); Poetry night in aid of rape crisis (Birmingham, UK), ‘Taking the Mic’ at the Phoenix (Exeter, UK). Mayfair’s highlights include opening for Suli Breaks and most recently performing at the iconic Nuyoricans poets cafe in New York, placing top 5. As former Vice President of Exeter University Creative Writing Society; Mayfair is experienced in running and facilitating poetry (writing and performance) workshops for a variety of audiences. In September 2018 Mayfair published her debut book ‘The Becoming’. It is a deeply personal account of the challenges Mayfair faced and overcame, including a failed engagement, drug dependency and sexual assault.

As a coach

Mayfair is a UK based business and mindset coach. She specialises in helping believers to step fully into their God given creative potential. Mayfair has worked with people from various backgrounds including athletes, celebrity stylists, life coaches and bloggers. Through her brand ‘G3’; Mayfair has also been able to support students from universities across the UK to balance the demands of running a business whilst studying. She does this through offering free online resources, online courses and running speaking events at universities.


Mayfair draws upon her own experiences in life to encourage and remind people of just how powerful the human spirit is. Mayfair’s speaking style is vulnerable, open and deeply rooted in an understanding of what it really takes to transform lives. Some of her favourite speaking topics include: Kingdom focus, mindset and the role it plays in success, abundance and goal setting. She has also featured on podcasts such as ‘Rice At Home’ and has most recently spoken at the Fortune 500 company; Salesforce NYC, sharing her insights on ‘achieving self mastery’.

For invitations, interviews, podcasts, guest appearances or collaborations, email: coach@mayfairn.com - we’re excited to hear from you!