My Story 


In 2016  I got into one of the universities in the country to study law; I thought this was my dream. Be a fancy lawyer, make a lot of money and repay my parents for all they sacrificed coming here from Zimbabwe. Well, life had other plans.

Early on in my first year I was raped by a man who probably wouldn’t recognise my face in a crowd , yet he changed my life forever. 

The rest of my first year was spent avoiding how broken this whole experience had made me feel inside through alcohol, drugs, name it. Then just as things felt like they were getting better, I got engaged to my first love; only for it to fall apart 1 month in.

I found myself still deeply sad and crippled with anxiety. I had hit rock bottom and I needed a lifeline.

I asked God to give me a reason to live, a reason to wake up, and that if He did, I would do it with all of my heart.

Well turns out, He already had given me a reason to live; It just took all of this to uncover it and prepare me for it.

That reason was what I now call my mission

To help believers to step into their creative God given vision.

I’ve since published my debut book ‘The Becoming’ sharing my full testimony, spoken across NYC, including Salesforce, and most importantly helped people just like you to step into their God given vision.