“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Mayfair for a couple of months. The reason I chose her was my desire for a spiritual based coach to confirm and tap into Gods purpose for my life. From the moment I met Mayfair I knew she was for me, her maturity and understanding of life from the faith perspective made me want to work with her…”

 Magda Bielarczyk

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People just like you who decided to say ‘YES. to their creative God given visions.

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Ikenna, Law student & Writer

“After Speaking to Mayfair, my goals and it’s intentions for them were clarified. Having doubted, I was subsequently instilled with confidence to carry on with the goals I aspire to achieve. It was such an inspirational and motivational session from a woman who truly cares about her clients’ success, I really would recommend”

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michel antoine, Author and therapist

"She helped me solidify exactly what I wanted to do along with steps in how to reach my goals. I am feeling more motivated than ever and it feels so amazing to know that my goal WILL be ACHIEVED!! I am so excited for it and cannot wait to share and have Mayfair to thank for getting me back on track with my eye on the finish line. I would highly recommend her in stabilizing your goals and cultivating a plan."

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“Approaching my 50th birthday, I had been asking myself for a long time if this is what life is all about?  working a 9-5 job, watching TV, sleeping and then going back to work the following day. I wasn’t fulfilled with what i was doing but found myself enslaved by fears of the unknown…Realising I needed a helping hand during my transition, to conquer my weaknesses; my first step was to sign up to working with Mayfair. THIS WAS THE BEGINNING OF A BIG CHANGE IN MY LIFE…

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 My 3 month signature 1:1 coaching programme combines mindset, strategy and bible based wisdom to equip you to step fully into your creative God given vision. I believe your dream is possible, you just hadn’t attracted the bridge to it yet, until now...

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Listen to success stories…

People just like you who said ‘YES’ to their creative God given visions.